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Remember all of the stupid stuff you used to gripe about when you were sixteen? Friends, the opposite sex, the man, etc. Yeah, that doesn't really change even 10 or 20 years later. I'm hopeful that one day I can think beyond myself and care for the larger picture. At the least, I believe I'll achieve that at the very end.
That's what this album is about. Coming to that realization as you pass on.

Yes, super heavy stuff. You should probably sit down or something.
Would you like a drink? Maybe some wine? I can't physically get it for you, get it yourself. But when you get a glass goin', remember it was my idea.

I've worked on this for almost 3 years. It was made in a basement, an apartment, and back to a basement. I tried to make it sound like it wasn't.
Please enjoy, and pass this on to anyone you can.
I just want people to hear it; so share this as much as you want. Bootleg it, copy and paste it, whatever.



released January 13, 2017

All songs composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Bew.
Cello on track 7 performed by Yann Marc.
Intro on track 13 inspired by Vangelis.



all rights reserved


Arcade Island Columbia, Maryland

Hello to my loyal fan. Not a typo, I'm speaking to you DIRECTLY through the magic of internet. My whole thing here with the music is no gimmicks, no cash grabs, no demographic mining, no bullshit. I just want to make music I like and say whatever I feel. If one person listens, I'll be happy. So enjoy, and I hope my candor is refreshing or at the very least grinding and irritating.

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Track Name: Event Horizon
Can anybody hear this?
Can anybody hear me?
There's so much left to tell and only minutes left to tell it.
You only have a lifetime
And it's not enough. x2

I hope that I can change your mindset
or change your point of view;
I only have one chance at this, to get through.
Just know your life is yours and no one
can write your symphony.

So long, my body.
If only I'd taken kinder care.
Goodbye, this story
it ends well so please do not despair.

This life won't get easier,
I promise you my friend,
but even though it's perilous,
I'd do this again.
Track Name: The 21st Century Man
Turning back ten years,
when we were kings of summer,
and every night was framed by big ideas
and music in the air.

but something reached your ears,
a weakness undiscovered,
and then you stumbled down the common road
where no one seems to care.

I don't hate you but I guess I'll try.
These iron memories oxidize.
You're just the latest victim in a line,
of men who lose themselves to time.

Once you had a voice,
an open ear for others,
but that won't get you far when happiness
is build upon your pride.
Pride for all your toys,
money's there to covet,
but they don't teach you that your IRA
is worthless when you die.

I don't hate you but I guess I'll try.
These solid memories liquify.
You're just the latest victim in a line,
of men who lose themselves to lies.

You don't ever seem to have a moment,
when you are humanized.
Everybody's just a fucking number
you monetize.
I believe there is a reason for it,
maybe you're paralyzed
by the fear of letting go of all the lies
you've told

Double chorus.
Track Name: Kill Shot
Four years now, you're an unchecked force;
cutting off and trapping.
All our fires are burning holes
in this facade of happiness.

Don't look away
or drop your guard.
This night is sure
to go too far.
You may believe
this too shall pass,
but I'm awake
and this will be our last.

I found a place below
where I can curse your name,
but, honey, rest assured,
I will feel no pain.
Don't try to comfort me,
your voice is weak now.
I will break you.
I will bring you down.

Now we see
those vengeful eyes
that bring this blood to boil.
They pierce the air
like snake fangs strike,
and how you look so coiled now.

Don't look away,
you can't get out.
How good it feels
to burn this down.
With brute resolve
I'll cut these ties.
It's beautiful to watch this sickness die.


Behind the veil
I stand alone.
The distance forms
and starts to grow.
Beneath the ash
your charges break,
there's no more time of mine for you to waste.

Track Name: Undeserved
I thought it was a chance
to start over.
To make my way, to prove my worth.

My life was in your hands
and I wondered
why every day was getting worse.

Even the blinded can see you're not the man that you claim to be.

All this fiction rests upon your head.

What's the difference when you're out of time?
Take your riches and convince yourself of worth.
Just how long will you attempt to hide the truth?:
Your life is undeserved.

Respect is always earned yet you've been denied.
We must be wrong, you're always right.
And when it starts to fail; how you mutate.
So to prevail, everyone's to blame.

Even the blinded can see you're not the man that you claim to be.

This facade will crumble on your head.


Give them nothing and take everything for you.
It's all the same.
What's beneficial isn't always what's the truth.
Protect your name.
It doesn't matter if you're stupid when you look so right.
It's all a game.
And when it's over and they're coming for you in the night,
you'll know shame.
Track Name: Until Death
Beneath the moon in bloodred fields
this all starts
a wound within my skull will heal.
It's coming soon so let's be clear,
I need you to let me know you're real.

Far from all that man has made
in lost life
I cannot decide your fate.
Come with me and kill my fears
you know the dread I breed.

I'm no angel
I would kill a million men to see the light again
but I swear I belong to you, my love.

Here within my broken form i store you,
to keep my darkest chasms warm.
A guiding light through the harshest storm,
in this world it's you that I adore.
What am I but walking bone that has found a way for him to lie?
They'd rather see me all alone but you would rather die.

I have seen things you would surely not believe lest they would haunt your dreams, but I swear I belong to you my love.

We sink below like heavy stones beneath the surface world,
no longer slaves to bouyancy.
We greet the depths like cautious friends for this is what we earn when you fall in love with me.

Something broken will not mend like new again so I won't hold my breath, but I swear I'll belong to you my love.
For our ending we'll fall underground where we will spend eternity, and there I swear I'll be with you my love.
Track Name: Infatuation
She was just a world that I needed; a splinter in my head that never hurts,
and now I'm the need of another.

There's nothing I can say to change it,
this was not the scene I thought you'd play,
the movie in my head has been betrayed.

there's a moment I won't forget when you looked me dead in the eye
and told me so gently "You should go, you're wasting time."
Is anyone laughing? Or has this joke gone too far?
I'm watching you ask me: "Are you okay? I know it's hard."

I will not bother to sink into the deep end 'til the bottom of a bottle is my only friend.
I will drive 'til midnight until these fumes surround me. Fuck, I wish these headlights weren't taking me home.


it's amazing how fast this dream awoke me with shivering cold,
for you to remind me: "You fucked up, now just go back home."
I know you never meant to do this; really, it's a shame it went this far.
You can't make this simple, and I'm to blame. I hate that part.

I will not bother to sink into the deep end 'til the bottom of a bottle is my only friend.
I will drive til midnight until these fumes surround me. I wish these fucking headlights weren't taking me home.

Maybe it's hopeless
if that's what you want,
both of us know this.
Maybe it's hopeless,
a future for none
within this mitosis.

All I've ever asked for was your appreciation.
How's that for entitled and irrational?
We've all mistaken kindness for someone's captivation,
but sometimes a denial can cut to the bone.

There's nothing I can say to change it,
this was not the scene I thought you'd play,
you don't owe me a thing and that's okay.
That's okay.
Track Name: Life Is Not A Race
I'm afraid I've reached the end of my rope.
Racing to a headstone is not what I would call hope.
This world desires every form of control.
It only needs the tired to do what they're told.
Everyday I see my friends misled;
they lure you with a paycheck and leave you with a life debt.
So every night when you can barely sleep, you struggle to remember your foolish dreams.

All these worries are wasted on anyone hoping for change.
Fight to earn a new place far from everyone else or face this game in vain.

Compare your life to others everywhere;
every little detail; proving you did not fail.
All this haunting leaves you feeling old;
nothing is accomplished going down that road.


Bracing for disaster
as our youth crumbles to ashes.
Fear of being average
causes all your passion to fade.

double chorus.
Track Name: Tribalism
It's time to face the truth that life is not a counterfeit,
but they will not allow unrest or privilege.
Brace your nerves and take a shot,
your life will now begin.
But not before you find a way to punish them.

Don't believe that you've been classified,
they just want another way to rule you.
Kill the fear they feed into your lives,
make them struggle for check to get through.

Search yourself for grit and steel against the howling wind.
For that's the sound of flaccid pride and decadence.


Forever and always slaves in this domain,
burn with your voice and shake off their old chains.
How can we say "move on!" when it's still the same?
Maybe it's not our blood but it's still our pain.

Chorus x2.
Track Name: Indivisible
I see the highways track like veins,
coursing with poison.
Cells dividing, fueled by rage; this nation of one.
Pray for silence, pray for rain.
Whatever you wish here,
someone out there surely hates how you feel.


Have you seen a view to believe in?
(you are the other)
Have you ever had an opinion?
(you are the other)
I'm afraid this wound isn't healing; fear of each other bleeds us forever.

Whispers clamor in the dark; echoing violence.
Whispers growing, screaming sharp: "Peace is the lie!"
Beating chests and crimson hearts claw at the outside.
The outside cycles from the start and what do we find?


Oh, is there only fear here?
Promised dreams undone here?
Everything's so unclear.
Oh, maybe we're still trying,
searching but not finding
what we had in mind here.

Track Name: A Glimpse
"Love's a verb", "an inner light",
"Twin pinpoints that dance inside!"
Make it live, and burn it through the night.
Heat recedes from the death of days;
all that I can hear or say
is "Hold me close, and cut this cloth away."

The day-to-day drives me insane,
but swimming free within your veins,
I watch these worried lines slowly erase.

This world of lightning; rain in june,
flowers blossom on the moon.
You hold me close and say we'll be there soon.


It feels like this tension between the world and I,
evolves into connection to something more worthwhile.

Seven billion people seem
to grasp at some forgotten dreams
when all they need has laid in front of me.
Eye to eye, you breathe, I breathe,
this is what those people need.
You hold me close and shake their burdens free.

It feels like this tension between the world and I,
evolves into connection to something more worthwhile.
One million years of progress still built upon desire.
This storm of raw connection can set our bounds on fire.

In is out and up is down, every color, every sound
has poured itself into this place we found.
Hypnotic noise and endless highs
as we dance inside the sun tonight.
Hold me close and don't kiss me goodbye.

Track Name: Granite Quarry Road
All of the words that I know
come from this quiet home.
All of the bones that I've grown
were built upon that road.
Live in my memory forever
or fix yourself deep in the earth.
Wherever I go, you I'll call home, now and ever.

This forest is haunting me always;
comforting here in the night,
but I cannot lie, I've always tried to keep you in my life.

I can see you in the autumn light.
Phantom traces in the rusted air.
Glowing faces wait behind my eyes,
ever happy there.
Every year becomes a waking dream,
every day I wonder where you are,
but I am comforted by this belief:
You are not far.

All of the years that you've seen;
twilight dreams live between.
All of the memory you keep,
please reveal to me.
Ages of joy and of sorrow;
powerful triumphs of woe.
All of these things I pray i will keep for my own.

Double chorus.
Track Name: I've Seen Things You People Wouldn't Believe
Cradle your mind in your beliefs
or reject any doubt with fluoxetine. [prozac]
Hope for the best when your best is fear
or embrace your unease til it disappears.


If not today, perhaps tomorrow
I must return what's only borrowed.
This tired brain will dissipate. Your solemn words will go to waste.
If there's a world beyond this sorrow,
a deeper worth, not something hollow,
it calls to those who hold it true.
A memory, it will have to do.

wait for a sign you do not deserve
or work for the peace that you have to earn.
I wondered if life was a pointless end,
before I could find my resolve again.

If not today, perhaps tomorrow
I must return what's only borrowed.
This tired brain will dissipate.
But solemn words won't go to waste.
Within this life, and all it's sorrow.
To say goodbye is hard to swallow.
But revel, friends, I've always known
that In the end I am not alone.

Shifting like sunlight in oceans abound
here I have found perception.
I've waited my whole life to know that
I mattered, I mattered here.